“Wonderful work...”

It's always awesome for us to see the wonderful work and beautiful weddings that are created by planners like you. The venue and what we were able to see in the short time that we were there was impeccable and beautiful.

— M&T Cakes

“Thank you, Jes!”

Thank you Jes Frank and Jes Frank Events for the outstanding job you did on one of the most important days in our lives.  Peace of mind is what you gave us, seeing that every single detail of our wedding and reception that we so carefully planned, was carried out to the minutest detail.

— Leslie H.

My wedding was a beautiful vision brought to life and handled smoothly and professionally by Jes. She is a master organizer. The ability to organize well, handle stress, adapt to changes, and coordinate all while being polite was a dream to work with

— Raychel G.

“Wonderfully organized...”

Jes Frank is a wonderfully organized wedding planner. She has a gift for taking off all pressure from the bride. She has an incredibly professional and easy going rapport with vendors and venue reps. Jes makes the brides and their loved ones relaxed, happy, and able to enjoy their time. It is the passion Jes has in her heart and her care for people that makes her so amazing!

— Morie F.

“Everything was perfect.”

I do not know what I would have done without you! I loved working with you every step of the way. You helped me plan every detail and went out of your way to make sure everything was perfect. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a wedding planner. Thanks again Jes for EVERYTHING! 

— Jessica I.

"She and her team were very professional..."

"Working with Jes on the Ragsdale event was wonderful. She and her team were very professional and made it easy for me to do my job as the photographer. The event went incredibly smoothly and the guests and family had a fantastic time celebrating! I would love to work with Jes again in the future!"

- Isabel Bodrog Photography

“Such a pleasure!”

When I decided to throw a baby shower for my sister, Jes saved the day! Her hard work allowed me to plan with her from a distance and to spend my time in town stress free. The shower was beautiful. Such a pleasure! 

— Anna C.

“Amazing vision...”

She has an amazing vision and talent for pulling together beautiful and unique decorative elements to create a wonderful backdrop for our parties.  She is also the perfect behind-the-scenes organizer keeping the party energy flowing at a good pace while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.  I have confidence knowing nothing will go wrong when Jes is on the scene. 

— Shannon C.

"She is a skillful and diligent event planner..."

"Jes is professional, personable, and organized! My mom, mother-in-law, and I enjoyed working with her. She is a skillful and diligent event planner. Jes listened attentively to the details mentioned about our wedding and was mindful about remembering them throughout the entire planning process. She is fun to work with in person and bonus she is tech savvy. It was easy to communicate with her over e-mail and I appreciated her promptness in returning phone calls. Her kind and caring personality made me feel supported when things inevitably became stressful. She took the time to check in and ask me how I was doing before and on my wedding day, not just focus solely on the planned events. Our bridal party, photographer, officiant, and other vendors all commented on how much they enjoyed working with her too. Jes worked hard behind the scenes to make sure our wedding day went smoothly, and she did that so well we did not get a single picture of her in action!

- Christine N.