Fairytale Firsts

It was my favorite lady…my sister’s big day. How appropriate for the wedding that made me fall even more madly in love with my career to have belonged to my best friend of all time. I put 300+ hours into this wedding day and let me tell you,,,every stressful, wonderful, intense, amazing moment was worth it. It was an honor for me.

She and her hubby Markus got engaged at the end of May of 2012 just months after having their first baby. They were planning their first ever vacation together for September…so they thought…”Let’s get married right before and make that trip our honeymoon.” It was a whirlwind of life moments for them and we had to get it right. This meant we planned a 220 person wedding in just 3 short months. Oh. My. Goodness. Did I mention we also had a $12k budget? We killed it. I’m telling you, this wedding would not have been possible without the best and most loving friends and family team on the planet. Every person involved played such a big role that it was almost like we all had a piece of their wedding day. It beautifully in-part belonged to all of us as we made it completely theirs.

I still get compliments to this day about their wedding and I’m convinced it has nothing to do with my planning and coordination, but on the outpouring of love that drenched September 15, 2012. Everyone came together to create this fairytale wedding in the backyard of our childhood home. We brought in every table, chair, fork, lantern, tent…everything. When you’re not set-up to be a wedding venue, you don’t realize all the details you have to think of (so please…do NOT do it without a planner). Every detail was covered from a homemade photo booth, sweets and treats bar, bug spray, kid’s tent stocked with snacks and activities, and enough globe lanterns that you’d think you were in the movie Tangled.

I don’t recommend this type of wedding to any bride unless you have a planner on your team that has done it before. I had done many many events by this point, but it was still a lot of stress to be both her maid of honor AND her full package wedding planner. It was amazing but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you will miss major details that can jeopardize the day. If you do this with a planner it will be memorable for the bride to wake up and slip into her dress in the same bedroom she grew up. To say I Do’s under the trees that she played in as a little girl. To dance her daddy-daughter dance on the very deck where she and her family had countless barbecues and late night hangouts. And finally to sparkler exit surrounded by family and friends down the driveway of her childhood home. It was magical and memorable. She looked like a princess in her off the shoulder dress and floral headpiece. She was a dream. It was a fairytale. Every detail was perfect.