“I want your wedding planning experience to be one of tasting delicious foods, practicing your first dance, and enjoying your engagement to the fullest. My job is to eliminate the frustrations over seating charts, vendor contracts, scheduling, and floor plan., Weddings are stressful. They are naturally emotionally driven. Why not hire someone who is trained and ready to handle that stress?

I want you to remember getting ready for your big moment with best friends and family, the special look you and your spouse-to-be share when you see each other for the first time, your first kiss as a married couple, the speeches, the dancing, the tears, the laughs… My job is to help launch your life together with a personalized celebration surrounded by all the love and exhilaration that weddings bring.

I love being a part of making it all happen. It’s my passion and I'd love to guide you through it all as your planner, trusted advisor, and friend.”